DIOR x Air Jordan 1

Our story of the DIOR x Air Jordan 1 collab began in Dec 2019 when teasers were announced, followed by the DIOR Miami fashion show in Jan 2020. Longtime followers will know that we never begin a sneaker project without having an authentic pair.

And so we flew halfway across the globe to obtain an exclusive pair

Once we were back at our factory in China, it was time to get to work. Despite costing a cool 5 figure (due to how exclusive it was), no hold barred when it comes to deconstruction and understanding the inner details of the sneakers.

There are simply too much details in the DIOR x Air Jordan 1 that going through the full process will take another blog post. From the intricate embossing of the Jordan wings,...

To the heat-embossed oblique logo of the leather midsole,...

No detail too small to be missed.

The 1st pair that we bought did not come with the Polyurethane (PU) insole. So we bought another early retail pair at another cool 5 figures.

Jumpman and AIR DIOR hang-on accessories.

And finally, after 4 months, we have a working sample!

The DIOR Air Jordan 1 High from Chan Sneakers will be available late June. With retail to be about 8500 numbered pairs releasing globally and an expected retail price of $2000 USD (even then, word on the street are that you have to be a DIOR VIP in order to purchase), this will be one of the most expensive and exclusive sneakers to drop in 2020. If the likes of Sean Wotherspoon or Travis Scott rocking them are enough to tempt you (and you don't want to pay stupid resell), keep an eye on our blog for further updates!

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