Air Jordan 1 Dior Low, Ready!

Air Jordan Dior Low are now available! As usual, we'll let the pictures do the talking!

The Air Dior Lows will come with everything you'll expect from a retail boxed pair! Dust bags, accessories, shoes and all!

Because the production of these are secret and highly classified (we don't want our competitors knowing too much ;-P we can only afford to share just a snippet of the production!

Lasted, ready for sole assembly

Stitching on the Air Dior soles to the upper of the shoes

As with the Highs, we've decided to bundle free shipping on the lows as well!

As usual, full gallery images are always available at our gallery page. Check them out!

Air Dior Jordan Lows are available for $280 in US 4-13 (all with unique serial numbers out of 8500). In case you have a personal preference for a certain serial number, customization is offered as well for a nominal fee! Speak to one of our friendly team members to secure your pair today!

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