Chunky Dunky Updates!

If there was an award for most unexpected sneakers of the year, that accolade will surely go to the Chunky Dunkys! It caught us totally of guard and is gaining ground to be one of the bestselling models of the year!

Managed to get a special boxed pair and regular pair on release date from local Chinese resellers :|

Back at the office, it was a rainy day. Had to take care not to get them wet.

Wasted no time in having our regular cardboard factory guy come over... And destroying a perfectly good original tub :')

In the meantime, production back at our assembly lines being ramped up!

Lacing on the extra laces just as how they appeared on retail pairs.

Available in US 4-13! We decided to reduce the base price from $120 to $100, anyone who's overpaid, we'll be getting in touch to return your money!

Couple of days back we started to receive the accessories from the respective manufacturers!


Pretty printed totes!

Available in Regular SB Dunk Low boxing, or Special Tub packaging (with added accessories)!

If selecting the Special Tub packaging, we'll take extra care to use thick reinforced cardboard to ship your orders!

To view more images of our chunky dunky, head over to,

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