Temperature-sensitive, Color-changing! Civilist SB Dunk!

In our years of replicating sneakers, nothing has quite intrigued us like the Civilist SB Dunk! Presenting itself as a low-key black pair of sneakers, get ready to be awed with its single most unique feature!


Basically once we've deciphered the underlying heat-map design, all we had to do was to treat the screen printed leather with thermochromic black dye!

Which gives us a sneaker that is black when cool, and colorless when exposed to heat (and thus revealing the underlying design!)

And so we got them sewn up, like with all SB Dunks...

Sewing on the Strobel layer.

Lasted and ready for sole assembly! (Notice how in our factory grounds, where its not blazing hot, the shoes are already showing off some of the underlying heatmap print!)

Soles are glued on (In this stage, reinforcement glue are being added to ensure a good seal at the edges of the sole and the leather upper of the shoes)

Lasting and shaping. (Pressure is applied to ensure that the shoes stay in shape!)

Sewing on the rubber soles.

Final QC checks, lacing, and packing!

Civilist SB Dunk Low are now available in US 4-13! (US 14 to be added at a later date.) Think about how worthwhile this shoe is gonna be! Black in the winter and colorful in the summer! (Literally paying for 2 shoe designs for the price of 1! 😂)

As usual, you can view the complete gallery at our photo album, http://photos.chansneakers.com!

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