Dior B23 Updates!

In another round of updates today, we adding more unique Dior B23 products into our lineup!

How often do you baulk at the outrageous prices of luxury branded products? $180 for such a tiny metal piece?!

Introducing our lineup of Dior B23 sneaker charms! Available in Silver, Gold and Matte Black!

Sold as a set of 20 charms, only for $25 each set!

When we mean $25 each, we dont mean per charm! We mean $25 for 20 different charms!

That works out to be $1.25 per charm! Which is 0.7% of the price that Dior is asking for a SINGLE charm!

Flaunt your creativity and personality with the sneaker charms and stand out from the other!

In other news, more new B23 colorways, especially more variations of the DIOR AND SHAWN collaboration are ready to order! We're also in the process of adding more Slip-Ons to our catalog!

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