Grateful Dead released! $20 off ALL Dunks for October!

Its been a while since our last blog post and today we are here to bring you a MASSIVE update!

First up would be the highly anticipated Grateful Dead SB Dunk Lows! In all 3 colorways, the most accurate replica with faux fur and excellent workmanship all around!

The reason for the long delay was due to procurement of the original faux fur from Korea. While our competitors would not hesitate to use lower grade substitutes (which ended up looking like the untrimmed bush of the nether region), we go to great length to ensure that all materials all replicated as faithfully as possible!

Whatchu gonna stash in those tongue pockets? 🤔

Yellows, skateshops and Nike exclusive.

Greens, general limited release.

Orange, easily the most expensive of the collection, because they were a San Francisco skateshop-only exclusive. Dislike how nice sneakers are ridiculously out of reach? We feel you. Its why we're around 👊

We've been hard at work churning out plenty of new dunks as they look set to be a hot silhouette this season!

With that, we are announcing a $20 discount off ALL Dunks and SB Dunks for the month of October! No fancy terms and conditions, simply take $20 off every pair of dunks!

The promotion will run through the whole month of October! Prices will revert on the 1st of Nov. Holiday season is coming and we hope you look forward to what we have in store for you

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