Jesus Shoes released

If anyone recalled from last year, viral marketing group MSCHF (Mischief) did a collab with Nike to produce an Air Max 97. Apart from the eye-catching retail price tag of $1425 USD (we paid $3000 resell :/ ), the selling point was shoes (more accurately the air max soles) that were actually filled with holy water from the River Jordan! Christ!

Authentic Retail pair, paid $3k USD back in November :/

The detail on the stainless steel cross is extremely beautiful.

Not sure about the holy water from the River Jordan. The mold/fungus didn't give off much of a holy vibe...

Video of retail pair

In the meantime, our competitors made copies that were simply painful to look at...

Another one... (You can easily tell from the stark color differences that they've never gotten a real pair to reference from..)

Pleased to announce that we've finally made our own copy of the INRI Jesus Shoes!

While we do our best to replicate any sneakers, unfortunately there's no reasonable way to actually procure holy River Jordan water... So we'll make do with locally sourced tap water :P

The MSCHF INRI Jesus Shoes Air Max 97 will be available in US 4-12. Priced at $120 (before shipping), you definitely won't have to break the bank by paying upwards of $1600 for resell :).

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